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. the reality is the president did in the first couple of days of hurricane sandy the president did keep his eye on the ball and did h help, new jersey, and new york and elsewhere. last couple of days, awol on that as well while people are suffering. bodies beinged. gas lines where people are shooting my goodness and the president of the united states runs off to nevada once again being the campaigner in chief rather than the commander in chief. which s what happened in benghazi. the president's focus is on the cam tape and not on protecting american lives and not getting to the answers of what happened to those people who were slaughtered in benghazi. he s campaigning rather than acting as commander are in chief. >> greta: you bring up benghazi again. i note that governor romney isn't talking about benghazi. some of you brought it up. why isn't governor romney speaking about benghazi? >> well, i mean i think the reality is that the campaign, the romney campaign believes it will all bedecided on the economy and probably any time spent on anything else isn't really going to register with voters a
headquarters, the u.s. death toll reading to 90 in the wake of hurricane sandy. the super storm killing 46 people in new york alone. millions are still without electricity and it could be weeks before it is restored to everyone. storm victims getting a first look at the destruction in their neighborhoods thursday. some were relieved to find only minor damage to their homes. others were devastated to learn they were wiped out. >> it's just complete devastation. and... you know, my parents have lived here for 40 years. it's unbelievable. i'm sorry. >> also, gasoline shortages are creating huge lines in new jersey, new york and connecticut. some people are reporting they had to wait for several hours to get gas for their carc or generators. now back to "on the record." for all of your latest headlines, go to r" >> greta: the candidates make egg mad dash for the swing state, polls showing president obama with a razor-thing thin lead. but good news for governor romney. joining me is our panel. first, rick, the good news for the governor is with independents? >> independents. you lo
, which team would you rather be on? >> right now? if you asked me that question before hurricane sandy, i would have said governor romney has the momentum and tell continue. now i think it's much more of a tossup. but picking up on rick's point. if you look at independents, particularly in olie oh the romney campaign team will tell you that the candidate that has won independents in ohio over the last five statewide elections has won the state, has won the office. with mitt romney having an advantage, sometimes 7-plus points among independents in ohio, they feel pretty good about where they are because of the independents. >> greta: that sounds like the nfl, the first time someone has hit a third down after an interception, trying to figure out the records and who is winning. >> rick said, the numbers with the independents are terrible with the president. guess what? all his numbers are terrible for an incumbent, seeking re-election, but he still has a razor-thin margin. the numbers are bad, but he is still winning. i tend to agree with steve. i felt lining governor romney had a head full
for -- president obama's own enthusiasm, he got more enthusiasm not so much with hurricane sandy which a lot of people look at but actually with president bill clinton on the trail and really pulling out the crowds and playing the old theme music and have him going to pennsylvania. >> have him going to pennsylvania. says they are nervous a little bit about pennsylvania. the president is going out to colorado following paul ryan. that says look this is a firewall that may be about to be he breached. i do think the president has been hurt. look at the close of mitt romney. it was gracious and nice and uplifting and it was america. and the president in his final day says voting is the best revenge. >> greta: i mean that is an expression, though. >> it is living well is the best revenge is the expression. >> well, yes, of course. >> he changed it a little bit. >> but that tells me what a difference from -- i remember 2008. the crowds were rolling with obama and he was just happy and hope and change and we going to do it and transform america. where s that? >> greta: i think he is getting his ent
seconds. first let's go to, in for the headlines. >> hey, greta, thank you. a week after superstorm sandy slammed the east coast, folks are bracing for a nor'easter wednesday. it could come up the coast and pass within 50 or 100 miles of the already battered new jersey coastline. it's expected to bring 55 miles an hour winds and flooding in coastal areas where sandy already wiped out natural beach defenses and protective dunes. and plans are in place by folks hit hard by the storm to go and vote n new jersey they are delivering ballots to emergency shelters. voters than e-mail or fax in their votes. and buses will take people to voting stations. power will be restored in most polling locations and they will be open. now back to greta. >>> in just over 60 minutes from right now in the swing state of new hampshire the first election day voters will cast their votes for president. with time now running out, which can date will win the battleground states in joining us with our political panel in new york, stotterd and michael crawly and chief political correspondence byron. you mentioned the
headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. a week after super storm sandy slams the east coast, hard-hit areas are bracing for another big storm. forecasters say a nor'easter will move up the east coast, packing high winds and heavy rain. the storm could set back recovery efforts in the past few days in the new york area and along the jersey shore. there is a possibility of more flooding, but not as bad as it was during sandy. the threat of more power outages as well. plans are if place hit hard by the monster storm to be able to go and vote. in new jersey, countep officials delivering ballots to emergency shelters. voters can email or fax in their votes. in new york city, shuttle buses will take displaced voters on polling places. officials are optimistic that the power will be restored and most polling locations will be open. i'm ainsley earhardt. now back to "on the record" with greta. now in the swing state of new hampshire the first election day voters will cast their votes for president. with time now running out, which can date will win the battleground states in joining us with our pol
political panel are they headed for a recount? >> in florida monitor storm sandy facing poling changing. a woem raised for trying to vote twice. a man claiming he voted four times on facebook. the rice couldn't be tighter. how will requiring layerities impact the election? our political panel is in all across the country. ohio, new york, in washington. because you are in ohio, byron, i have to get your thoughts on ohio tonight. >> this came back from a rally the president obama held the university cincinnati campus. they got 50,000 people really enclues i can't say tick. i would have to say having gone to the mitt romney rally bigger one on friday night in the cincinnati area this one tonight it is hard to see any gap between the parties in terms of enthusiasm. >> voter irregularities are we going to have a problem? >> we have gotten off to an unfavorable start with some of the issues going on right now. there is always one state razor thin. doesn't happen to be critical in the election. if it is we are talking about a messy end game for all of this. a lot of issues around absentee ball
, it froze the race. there has not been a lot of movement. the media has been focused on sandy and less on the presidential campaign. second of all, think it's going to affect, it can affect turnout but most places like new jersey and new york. i'm not sure it's going to have an effect. on the other hand the president is getting good marks and governor chris christie, keeps bragging what a great job doing that. it can't hurt the president with that happening. maybe he gains a point on approval but it's way to early to know. in key places like ohio, i'm not sure it's going to have an effect. >> greta: and in terms of support to the state, those people are hurting and that is his job. >> he has his race of his own a year from now. new jersey happens in the odd year. corey booker the mayor of new york. >> now that he is chummy with the governor? >> i think politics -- i mean everything is political. i think you have a right, chris christie is doing what is the right for the state of new jersey. so is the president. but in the background of all that there are some ramifications. i'm not sur
sandy. he is expected to meet with local officials and families affected by the storm. more than 400,000 customers are still without power in new york and new jersey. the storm, which hit the region on october 29, is blamed for at least 100 deaths. chrysler recalling nearly 1 million jeeps worldwide due to an airbag problem, for grand cherokee and liberty models in the u.s. federal investigators saying a bad part can inadvertently set off the airbags. it has caused dozens of injuries, but no crashes. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to "on the record." for your latest headline, log on to back to record r. >> cia director, petraeus abruptly resigned, for personal reasons, cheating on his wife. but the timing is raising eyebrows. in days he is supposed to go to capitol hill to testify on benghazi. joining me is bob cusack and steve hayez and byron york. byron... go aheadanism the fbi investigating the cia director in the heat of a presidential campaign and the white house apparently doesn't know about it. and the-- the opposition party in congress is hot on the heels of the
they failed to prepare properly ahead of super storm sandy, knocking out power to two million new yorkers. many had to wait a week or two before getting it restored. ceo of the long island power authority resigned tonight after hours after the governor's announcements. >> investigators now say they believe they know what caused the deadly explosion at an indianapolis gnome that leveled part of a city block. after recovering household alliances from destroyed homes, security officials say it looks like natural gas may have been to blame. powerful blast killed two people. >> i'm trace gallagher. now, let's get back to "on the record" and greta van susteren. >> is the obama administration more concerned about a sex scandal than benghazi. >> the f.b.i. sent more time in broadwell's house four hours than they this d at u.s. consulate in benghazi. just to put this in perspective. they spent more time in broadwell's house than they did in benghazi. this benghazi story has now become a story about sex and scandal about who? the benghazi story has all of a sudden become a sex scandal about petraeu
during sandy. most existing reservations are reportedly being honored, but the few carc left available come at a very heavy premium. i'm ainsley earhardt. back to "on the record" with greta. >> greta: obamacare may be the law of the land but that is not stopping many republican governors. they are still keeping up their fight. mary fanlon is not giving up the fight. the governor joins us. nice to see you? >> nice to see you. >> greta: tell me why don't you want to set up a stated exchange and defer to the default one? >> well, basically oklahoma said thanks but no thanks. we have a disagreement where the obama administration and the affordable healthcare act and in the state of oklahoma, they voted by a large margin, almost 65% we oppose many portions of the affordable health care act. it was put into our constitution and, of course, we've had a decision to make. we'd had a deadline in which we were to decide upon which course of the action we were going to take. we feel like if we would have set up a stated based exchange, it would have been a state based exchange in name only because
have to reconcile their competing versions. super storm sandy packing a bigger punch than thought, halting the sale of homes and retail, blaming the storm for weak november sales and new sales plunged in the northeast last month. going above and beyond the call of duty. a tourist snapping a picture of an nypd officer, giving a homeless man socks and boots on a cold night. she put it up on facebook and now it's an internet sensation. now back to "on the record." wie forward. >> greta: a shocking turn of events tonight, for the first time the u.n. voting to recognize the state of palestine, causing a celebration in the west bank, but israel and the united states are not celebrating. they both tried but failed to block the u.n. move. former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. nice to see. could this have been prevented? >> absolutely. this is a reflection of the obama administration to take this issue seriously. it was demonstrated last october when the palestinian authority was made a member of the u.n. scientific and cultural organization, when it never should have been. palestin
customer, some of whom just got it restored after hurricane sandy a 24-year-old who opened fire in a campaign event, killing six people and injuring 13 others, including gabrielle giffords. her husband, spoke for her, saying while her life has been forever changed, her spirit has remained the same. now back to "on the record." >> greta: our country's headed over the fiscal cliff and president obama is headed out of the country, going to burma, cambodia and thailand. is that where the president should be when there is a fiscal crisis at home? we have michael crowley and kim stroussle and byron york. kim, first to you, your thoughts on the president going out of town, announced today? >> look, i think given the ability for the congress and the president to push things like this all the way upping until ar hours before a deadline hit, probably not the best idea to be gone, given we are entering this very important period of time. >> greta: byron. >> this is nonessential foreign travel. it's clear, it is nonessential. washington does develop deadline-itis. >> greta: we are at the de
stations in the wake of super storm sandy. now license plate numbers with odd numbers can gas up on friday and with even numbers, on saturday. seven number members of the navy seal team 6 are in trouble for their involvement in the creation of a popular videogame, the navy saying the group gave classified information to the game, medal of honor, war fighter. since they were all required to sign nondisclosure, they are being penalized with loss of pay. you are waffing the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. >> greta: our country's headed over the fiscal cliff and president obama is headed out of the country, going to burma, cambodia and thailand. is that where the president should be when there is a fiscal crisis at home? we have michael crowley and kim stroussle and byron york. kim, first to you, your thoughts on the president going out of town, announced today? >> look, i think given the ability for the congress and the president to push things like this all the way upping until ar hours before a deadline hit, probably not the best idea to be gone, given we are entering this very
to the director is because hurricane sandy delayed the message. figure on that one. the fbi may be at her house tonight but they have been dragging their feet trying to move this. >> well, i think there's still a lot of questions that are to be answered as to the timeline, why certain things were done when. i think that's one of the big outstanding questions. but, you know, a lot of it gets back to the very beginning, which is the question i've heard a lot from folks of that just been reading our stories is why did the fbi start this investigation anyway? i get weird or annoying e-mails all the time and i don't run to the fbi and if i did i don't know that the fbi would do anything about it. that's another reason there's some i think gaps that need to be explained as to how this process began and where it ended up. >> of course, you have to go back to the fact there are four americans mured in the benghazi investigation. we don't want this to overshadowed but it's somewhat intertwined when you have the head of the cia, who is supposed to be doing the benghazi thing, is involved in the scandal.
and fire crews in one of the towns hit pretty hard by sandy. in the immediate aftermath of the late october storm, christie publicly thanked president obama for visiting new jersey and helping speed up the relief efforts. >>> cyber monday 2012, it's on track to become the biggest online shopping day ever. consumers expected to spend $1.5 billion, up 20% from last year with the growing popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices as shopping tools. retailers have ramped up the deals on their websites during the holiday shopping season, a time when stores can make up to 40% of their annual revenue. greta? agreeing the election may be over, but the fight against obamacare is not. teed the supreme court orderingly an appeals court to consider liberty universities' objection to the healthcare law, arguing it violates their religious freedom. does the supreme court decision breathe new life into the healthcare battle? joining us rick klein, a.b. sad studdard, and john mccormick. rick, they're chipping away at this. >> keeps coming back. this is largely settled in the courts. pieces of obama
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)